The Right Loan

Choose the right loan that fits your needs

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At [SiteName], we provide simple, short-term installment loans.

Our loans are designed to provide you with the funds you need, in the time you want, with the added benefit of repayment over time. We will review your application, and consider your ability to repay, while being mindful that even those with imperfect credit history deserve a fresh start. Review and approval may include performing a credit check and otherwise verifying your personal and financial information.


Our loans are structured to allow you to progressively reduce your outstanding balance against your owed principal each time a successful payment is made. Our loans are structured to be paid off on a 20 payment schedule. Each installment payment will contain a service fee of $30 per hundred borrowed that is charged every two weeks based upon the principal amount outstanding, and an amount equaling five percent of your initial principal loan.


You have the option to pay your loan off early at any time or follow the payment schedule and pay additional amounts toward principal. This means the more you pay, the smaller your minimum payment becomes; and that’s not all, good payment history can mean added benefits, such as reduced rates on future borrowing, larger loans, special promotional rewards and more!


We understand that for you, the right loan means getting the funds you need quickly. For us here at [SiteName], the right loan means meeting your expectations.